Our mission statement:

BenchMark Energy Corporation (OTC Pink:BMRK) is the source for glycerin and related refined components, providing value through our industry knowledge.

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Corporate Information

BenchMark Energy Corporation (BMRK)

Mailing Address

111 FM 1514

Coldspring, Texas  77331

 Legal Counsel

Sonfield and Sonfield

Robert L. Sonfield, Jr.

770 South Post Oak Lane ♦ Suite 435

Houston, Texas 77056

Phn:  (713) 877 – 8333

Fax:  (713) 877 – 1547

 Transfer agent

First American Stock Transfer, Inc.

4747 N. 7th St. ♦ Suite 170

Phoenix, AZ, 85014

Phn:  (602) 485 – 1346

Fax:  (602) 788 – 0423

Disclaimer for non affiliated websites

BenchMark Energy Corporation (BMRK) provides a number of links (within the menu structure) that are not affiliated with BenchMark Energy Corporation, nor do we endorse these websites or the content.  BenchMark Energy Corporation and its officers do not post comments nor reply to posts on investor message boards, nor do we sponsor or promote a specific message board over another.  This lists Internet websites that provide community for our shareholders / investors.

PLEASE NOTE – Regulation FD precludes us from responding to individuals with non-public information, except through SEC mandated “generally accepted disclosure news distributors.”

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